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An account isn't required to use our directories at this time, however, in future there we will be making valuable special offers availble to our registered users. The additional questions will help us match you with goods and services that you are interested in. Your information will never be shared with any third party for any purpose.

For Business owners, or advertisers, an account is required so that we can provide you with access to claim your listing.


There are several reasons to log into our directory.

For individual users, you will get a more accurate result when logged in as your location will be taken into account during the search process.

Residents of Chestermere and Langdon will be able to access additional functionality in the future. The opportunity to add additional telephone lines to your listing will also be available.

Business Owners will reap the greatest benefit as they will be able to claim their business listing, add a great deal more information to their business listings and book additional services. You will need to be logged in in order to make any changes to your listing.

Simply choose the Login Option from anywhere on the site, and there is a link to recover your password. You will be required to know and have access to the email address that was used when creating your account.

If you no longer have access to these details, please email pier@anchormedia.ca for additional assistance.

I didn't ask you to list my business. Am I going to recieve a bill?

No. Basic business listing have been provided at no cost at this time. Advertisers with last year's print directories have been provided with an upgraded listing at this time.

However, all future upgrades to your listing as requested by you or your organization will incur cost. Please see our Advertise page for complete details.


Simply create and account, and submit your listing details. Please note that only local residential listings will be accepted.

If your business isn't listed, and your customer base includes the residents of communities of Chestermere and Langdon, you can include your business by signing up for an account and adding your details. Please note that all submissions will be revued prior to inclusion to ensure that they are locally applicable.

New businesses and the odd established one may have been overlooked. If you've noticed that a business you were looking for wasn't included, please drop us a line or get in touch by telephone at (403) 774-1352. We rely on your continued knowledge of the community around you to assist us in our mission.

If you've searched for something and not been offered up with the results you expected, please let us know! (403) 774-1352 We will need to know what search term you used, any categories or locations that were applicable and if you set a search radius.


If you'd like to advertise and you don't think that our current category structure accurately represents your business, please get in touch by email or telephone at: pier@anchormedia.ca or (403) 774-1352 Chances we have the category awaiting a business like yours before it's displayed, or if not, we can simply create the appropriate category.



Never. Any information gathered on this website or any of our websites will be used by Pier & Anchor Media Inc. only. We will never share or sell your user information to a third party.

The only personal information that is retained is in accordance with CANSPAM / CAPL compliance.

Of course. If you need to have your information removed we can do that, but we need to verify that it is indeed the listing owner making the request. Please contact us by telephone to initiate the process.

Should you discover that your business listing has been claimed by an individual other than yourself, we as that you take the following two steps.

1) Verify within your organization that no other indivudual has claimed the account.

2) Contact us by telephone for additional assistance and we will help you access your business listing.

As the information provided on Pier & Anchor Media's Directories has already been published in several sources, this infomation is considered public domain and is accessible to the public in general.

As a courtessy to all residents, no address information has been published, and all map markers have been set to indicate the centre of your respective community of residence.

Yes. Please contact us via telephone for details on our advertising rates, bookings, and services designed to assist those who do not want to manage their own online presence.

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